Who we are

The Wellington Potters’ Association is a community of potters and ceramicists with a thriving studio in the heart of Wellington.

Membership moratorium

We are currently unable to accept any more members into the association. Over the last few years we have seen a rapid rise in the popularity of pottery and our membership has grown considerably. When we have enrolled everyone on our current waiting list we will have over 500 members.

By having a moratorium on new members joining we will give ourselves time to plan for the future and investigate ways of accommodating everyone who is interested in joining. The moratorium will be in place until at least the end of October 2021

What’s happening

Working Bees

Choose from a list of tasks that need doing and come along and help the team.

Pit firing with cow dung

Manju Tomar a student at Massey University College of Creative Arts invites all WPA members to participate in a pit […]

Sakai potters exhibition

Social Event – Preview the Sakai Potters’ Association Exhibition 2021 Wellington Potters’ Association has had a relationship with the Sakai […]