Working Bee 20 May 2018

Come along Sunday 20 May 9 am to 3 pm!

Lunch will be provided

Join your fellow club members to help keep, maintain and enhance our wonderful pottery studio space; and be there for the great food as well, lunch will be provided! If you can’t make it on the 20th, contact Vivian, 021-264-5414,, as there are some jobs that can be done before that date.

Please note that the studio will be closed for personal use during working bee dates and times.

Be there for the Lunchtime Conversation about WPA, Membership Behaviour, Life, the Universe and Everything

At lunchtime on the 20th we’ll be having a conversation about what we all expect from membership of WPA – what we expect from membership, what we need to keep the rooms running, what sort of training and workshops would be good…

Clay: Urgent! Final warning!

If you have *UNMARKED clay on the floor of the studio it will be disposed of on Saturday 20 May.

*unmarked = those bags that do not have the official label (available on site) affixed, properly filled in with name and first/last date of use.