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Richard Stratton: Slab and Slip-Trailing Workshops

Book now for Richard Stratton’s two weekend workshops on slip trailing and using pre-decorated slabs:
Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th November
& Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd December

$160 for members (covers 2 weekends)
$200 for non-members (covers 2 weekends)

Skill level: intermediate to advanced.

Don’t miss out!

This will be a fascinating series of workshops, where participants will learn and partake in the production of coloured slips, and make slip trailed and feathered designs on clay slabs.

They will also learn how to make and use tools that are relevant to slip decoration. Both of these techniques will be discussed as to their histories and modern interpretation.

On the second weekend participants will put together complex shapes out of their pre-decorated slabs (either using Richard’s templates or creating their own).

The workshops will be on consecutive weekends to allow for slab making and drying on the first weekend, and slip trailing and joining on the second weekend.

To register: Contact Kate: wellingtonpotters@gmx.com

Registrations close Friday 17th November.

Further details of the workshop are available from Kate.