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Refurbishment programme – cubbies

The refurb is about to start….. This could affect you!

  • Remove all possessions from north-east wall (By window, L-shaped bench etc):
    Deadline Thursday August 9:   the shelves and the bench – and underneath it –  in this area are required for the temporary storage of old cubbies’ possessions, after which they will be demolished. New racking, shelves and workbenches will then be installed. Note that anything left in this area past the deadline will be disposed of. Please don’t move your gear to another ‘spare’ space in the studio as other areas are also about to be renovated.  Space is limited. Note too that the usual ‘drying time’ on shelves has been restricted to three weeks.
  • Use of the damp cabinets will be suspended from Monday 12 to Sunday 19 August
  • Please remove your pots from the cabinets by Sunday 11 August.

Holders of cubbies numbers 1 to 49 and 75 to 82

(that is, those against the west wall and those facing the main studio:(see plan 2*)

cubbies by wall to be cleared to under benchesare requested to clear their possessions between Friday August 10 and Monday August 12. While the new cubbies are being installed, please provide your own carton (e.g. A 12-bottle wine carton is a little smaller than the new “small” cubbies) for your loose stuff. Mark it clearly with your cubby number and your name (there will be sticky labels and marker pen available) and store – with your clay – also labelled clearly – on the shelves and on and under the bench at the north-east corner of the studio. Any overflow can be placed underneath work benches 1 and 2 but please keep your possessions within the taped line.

Take this opportunity to review what, and how much, you store in your cubby.

The new cubbies (117 of them of 300 x 300 x 400 deep and 60 of them 450 x 450 x 400 deep) are smaller than the current ones so some downsizing of what you store may be required. The new sizes will still accommodate a 20kg bag of clay plus tools and a few other “must have on hand” things.

The new cubbies will be installed on Friday 17 August and be ready for you to relocate your possessions from Monday 20 but only when you have been allocated a new cubby number by Joe Zuccarello   joe.zuccarello@vuw.ac.nz    You can apply right now for a new cubby.

Holders of cubbies numbers 83 to 107

Once holders of the original cubbies 1 to 49 and 75 to 82 have relocated, those who currently occupy cubbies 83 to 107 may also apply (from Monday 20 August) for new cubbies and relocate once they have been allocated their new number.

Easy height cubby spaces

20% of the cubby spaces [those located at an ‘easy’ height] will be reserved for hire by those who would find lower and higher cubbies challenging. Your integrity in applying for these cubbies is requested. Also, everyone please note that some of the larger cubbies will be reserved for CEC tutors so the availability of this larger size will be at a premium.

Possible rental fee

The committee has yet to decide whether to charge a rental fee for the new cubbies and, if so, what amount that will be. Be aware that, in the next month or so, there may be a charge. Consider this when applying for a new cubby.

Removal of clay from the floor

Now that there are plenty of cubbies there should be no need to dump clay on the floor. After 1 September any bags of clay anywhere on the floor and any contents of the old cubbies not removed will be disposed of. New, more efficient racking is being installed in the “drying racks” area and where cubbies 50 to 107 used to be, including “dollies” so clear floor space is absolutely required.

In short……..dates to be aware of

  1. Deadline: Thursday August 9: remove all possessions from north-east wall (see plan 1):
  2. Monday 12 to Sunday 19 August: use of the damp cabinets will be suspended. Remove your pots please.
  3. Friday August 10 to Monday August 12. Holders of cubbies numbers 1 to 49 and 75 to 82 move all your gear to the north-east wall. Apply now for a new cubby (if you want one). State if you want a “small” or a “big”. Email your request to:  joe.zuccarello@vuw.ac.nz
  4. From Monday 20 August: cubby holders nos. 83 to 107. If you want a new cubby, contact joe.zuccarello@vuw.ac.nz  if not, please clear your cubbies before the end of August.
  5. Saturday 1 September: if your clay is still on the floor it will be removed and disposed of. Likewise for anything not claimed from the old cubbies.
  6. 1 September: never had one but want one? Apply now for a new cubby to joe.zuccarello@vuw.ac.nz

More volunteers required

Please contact: peter rumble  sales@rumbles.co.nz 0210678099

Volunteer jobs: predominantly painting. You don’t have to be a Cézanne or a Picasso (a Jackson Pollock would be fine!). Just anyone who knows which end of a speedbrush to hold!

  • Steel racking assembly
  • sawing shelving
  • gluing and screwing
  • wall cleaning and
  • “gib stopping”

Every hour you contribute saves your association $$$$$$$$.