Anagama firing 2017

Peter inside brick kiln with shelves of pottery
Peter Rumble admires the loaded kiln

The kiln was loaded by a team comprising Mal Sole, Peter Rumble, Andy Rattenbury, Megumi Ogo and Dave Marshall assisted by an enthusiastic group of wadding makers.

It was fired continously for 4 days, constantly stoked with wood by our keen potters.

Anagama Firing: Opening and Barbeque

The WPA’s Anagama kiln, having slumbered for 7 days, was opened and its occupants extracted on Sunday 19th November.

13th (2017) Facts and figures

fire in kiln opening
The hungry kiln
  • The kiln was loaded over a period of 6 days.
  • 278 pots (combined weight 222 kilos) contributed by some 63* potters.
  • The kiln was fired for 98 hours 40 minutes.
  • Quantity of firewood used: approximately 12.5 cords (or 45 cubic metres).
  • 16 Firing shifts: (2 X 8-hour shifts and 14 X 6-hour shifts).  Eight shift leaders and 39 shift members.  36.17% of those involved were new participants.

(*Pots received from the Woolshed Potters were treated as being from 1 potter only.)


The firing can be enjoyed by viewing photographs taken principally by Chris Parkin and Sheryl Gallagher to whom we are indebted, and a few other enthusiastic photographers:

passing wood for kiln
Final pieces of wood

13th Anagama Opening

13th Anagama Night Shift Images

13th Anagama Miscellaneous

Alan Ross
Anagama Coordinator