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Last firings for 2017 – corrected time

FOR BISQUE: all pots must be on the shelves by midnight Monday 11 December. No pots for bisque are to be placed on the shelves after that time. (wait for 1st firing Jan 15)

FOR GLOST: all pots must be dry and on the shelves by 5pm Monday 18 December. All pots received by that date for Cone 6 glost WILL BE FIRED (if they comply with rules) and will be ready for pickup at 3pm on Thursday 21 December.
Any earthenware pots to be glaze fired must be removed to your own storage.

IMPORTANT! To allow for shelving and painting to be completed….please ensure ALL POTS are removed from all kiln room shelves by Sunday 24 December.
Anything left after that day will be consigned to the roof of the sub-station and thus open to all takers.

FIRST FIRINGS FOR 2018:  Monday 15 January