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Anagama kiln opening & barbeque

passing wood for kiln
Final pieces of wood

Invitation to Anagama kiln opening & barbeque
Sunday, 19 November 2016, 11:00 am

The WPA’s Anagama kiln, having slumbered for 7 days, will be opened and its occupants extracted starting at approximately 11:00 am on Sunday 19th November. We plan to remove the wicket at 10:30 am.

fire in kiln opening
The hungry kiln

Some 278 pots were received for this firing from 63 potters.

If you submitted pieces for the firing or are simply interested in the exciting outcome of such fiery events, you are welcome.  We would prefer that those of you who submitted pots collect them at the kiln rather than the Anagama team having to transport them back to the rooms.

The BBQ will start at about noon.  While some essentials will be provided, the barbeque is BYO affair.

The venue: 476 Horokiwi Road, Horokiwi; the home of our hosts June and Graeme Houston.


closed up kiln opening
Closing the kiln to let it sleep for a week

There are three parking areas:

  1. The paddock on the right at the top of drive by the cattle stops.  Exercise discretion as access is difficult – best suited for 4 wheel drive vehicles.
  2. The yard above the kiln.
  3. The area alongside the kiln and the greenhouse.

Wherever you park, don’t block the passage of other vehicles.

Alan Ross

Anagama Coordinator