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Anagama Firing: A Unique Opportunity

Peter inside brick kiln with shelves of pottery
Peter Rumble admires the loaded kiln

The WPA’s Anagama kiln, located in Horokiwi, will be fired from Wednesday 9 to Sunday 12 November.  There are still vacancies for shift assistants on some of the 16 mostly 6 hour shifts.  Each shift comprises a shift leader plus 3-4 assistants.

Inexperience is not a barrier to taking part as each shift is led by an experienced shift leader who will help you learn the ropes.

If you are a WPA member and would like to join the Anagama pyromaniacs, contact me, Alan Ross, at: alan.lynne.ross@gmail.com

I’ll send you a copy of the draft firing roster.  From that you’ll be able to see where vacancies exist.

Alan Ross
Anagama Coordinator