Become a member

Moratorium on accepting new members

We are currently unable to accept any more members into the association. Over the last few years we have seen a rapid rise in the popularity of pottery and our membership has grown considerably. When we have enrolled everyone on our current waiting list we will have over 500 members.

By having a moratorium on new members joining we will give ourselves time to plan for the future and investigate ways of accommodating everyone who is interested in joining. The moratorium will be in place until at least the end of October 2021

Membership requirements


The WPA expects applicants for membership to have the technical skills to undertake, without assistance and safely, the type of work they want to produce. It is expected that new members will need some help with locating things, but they should not depend on other members for unreasonable help with using equipment and technique.

Applicants without prior experience are welcome, but may need to attend one or more of the classes and courses run by WPA or Wellington Community Education Centre.

Contributing to the club

All members are expected to contribute to the running of the association by volunteering to assist with one or more of the  operational and administrative tasks that are necessary for a successful studio.

The studio is cleaned weekly by commercial cleaners, however clay dust gets everywhere and members all assist with quarterly cleaning bees to do a deep clean.

Membership fees

There are two categories of membership:

  • Member: $200/year
    • Includes a key to the rooms, with 24 hour access;
      Members can attend WPA events, workshops and courses
  • Associate Member: $75/year 
    • Does not include a key;
      Associate Members can attend WPA events & workshops but not WPA member’s-only courses, and
      do not have working access to rooms, kilns or glazes

The application process

There are three steps to joining the club.

Step 1 – Apply

Complete the application form.
That will put you on a waiting list for the next step.

Step 2 – Orientation

When your name gets towards the top of the list you will be invited to come to an orientation session with a group of other applicants. You will be shown around the rooms and have the way the association works explained to you.

If you are still interested in joining you will be put on the waiting list for the next step.

Step 3 – Induction

You will be invited along with a small group of other applicants to an induction session. This will explain how to safely use and clean the equipment, where things are stored and our health and safety policy etc.

At the end of the induction session you will be invited to pay your membership fee and become a member.