WPA Studio availability 6th and 13th December

Limited use of the main studio will now be available to members who are non-participants in the Sculpture Workshop 

Sunday 6 and Sunday 13 December 10am – 4pm

Originally Donatienne Brasseur’s Sculpture Workshop was advertised with a note that the main studio would be closed to other members for the duration of the workshop. That has now been reversed BUT certain conditions have been imposed.

This is an experiment to ascertain whether certain types of small workshops can co-exist with other users. The level of care and consideration shown whilst the Sculpture Workshop is in progress will inform how the Committee plans future workshops.

1)  There will be 1 large and 2 well-signposted small tables available for handbuilding

2)  Wheels use limited to 8 members at a time 

3)  no Cowleys to be used (too noisy)

4) no slam wedging 

5) use only those tables designated for wedging/keeping your gear on                                   

6) keep *noise and chatter to a non-intrusive level *(e.g. use of the sluice room; run water quietly…you may be surprised by how much the sound of a strong jet of water into a bucket or into the sinks can travel into the studio area!)

7) room has been made on Stack C for your pots to dry thus hopefully eliminating the need to “wander the shelves”

8) if you need to use the Slab Roller and/or the Damp Cabinet please do so as unobtrusively as possible

9) keep movement around the room to a minimum

10) Workshop participants have paid for the Tutor’s expertise and guidance; and tutors deserve recompense for their experience and input; eavesdropping on proceedings is inexcusable and very poor form!

11) lunch table: workshops develop a certain degree of camaraderie among participants; around lunchtime, please keep to the kitchen end of the social tables so that workshop participants are able to gather as a group


The mezzanine workspaces remain open for use by authorised members

The glaze and kiln rooms remain open to members