UPDATE: WPA rooms are closed until further notice

Update as of Monday 2:30pm 23 March 2020

The WPA rooms are closed until further notice.

Picking up of essential belongings: you may retrieve these ONLY between the hours of 10am and 12pm tomorrow (Tuesday 24 March). No other arrangements will be possible.

No clay sales. No dropping off ‘to be fired’ items.

One person allowed on the premises at a time. Thorough hand washing on arrival is vital. Preferably come wearing a mask and latex gloves. A limited number will be available so you may kit up outside of the premises.

Time allotment per person on the premises 5 minutes (includes hand wash time) Please prepare yourself for a swift turnaround.

If you have any WPA concerns, please contact a Committee member.

Kia kaha!

WPA Committee