Sunday 8th, Anagama Demonstration – get inspired!

12-3pm: Anagama Workshop and Demonstration, Mal Sole and Peter Rumbleanagama pottery examples

Two mud-slinging pyromaniacs (one a thrower, one a handbuilder) will give you their hands-on insights into what works best for anagama (wood kiln) firings as well as advice on the best clays to use, whether to glaze – or not – and answer your questions on the meaning of life. There will be posters showing anagama activities and ‘real, live, unadulterated’ examples of the works from previous firings.

Vivian Rodriguéz will also give you the low-down on making your own anagama glazes.

10-5pm: Display (browse the posters, pictures and anagama pots).

We want (a loan of) your Anagama pots

Calling all Anagama exponents!
Please bring in your favourite pots from previous anagamas to be displayed at the Anagama Demonstration Day. A brief note about what clay, glazes or colourants were used would be helpful. Don’t forget to put your name on the tag! Show off a little!! The organisers would really appreciate if you were to bring your pots to the rooms prior to the Sunday to allow time for set-up of the display

[put your wrapped and cartoned pot(s) under the table near the plaster moulds display, thank you].