Pit firing with cow dung

Manju Tomar a student at Massey University College of Creative Arts invites all WPA members to participate in a pit firing project using cow dung as the fuel.

It offers an opportunity for everyone to celebrate and be empowered by reconnecting with nature and community through interaction with cow dung and learning some real skills on how to use cow manure as a fuel. It will be a project by the people, for the people and the environment. 

You can contact Manju at manjusstomar@gmail.com

What – A two day event

Day one : Involves hands-on experience of learning how to collect and make cakes and logs out of cow dung and leave them for sun drying for several days.

Day two: This will take place after a month when dung cakes and logs will be completely sun dried. This day will include making a pit, arranging the bisqued pieces of earthenware and dried cow dung and finally starting the firing process.

Where – A farm in Otaki


  • Day 1-  Friday, May 21, 2021 (depending on the weather conditions, the alternate date will be Sunday, May 23)
  • Day 2- The event will take place either in the last week of June or first week of July; participants will be updated accordingly.


You will need

  • Shovels
  • Buckets
  • hoses 
  • Pairs of work gloves
  • Metal rake
  • Long fireplace tong


You will leave with an insightful and enriching experience of understanding and usage of cow manure as a sustainable bio-resource. 

You will learn about new materials, unique processes of creation, bonding with people and the surprising results of firing marks on their pieces.