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Membership requirements

Requirements for becoming a Member of the Wellington Potters’ Association

The WPA expects applicants for membership to have the technical skills to undertake, without assistance and safely, the type of work they want to produce. It is expected that new members will need some help with locating things, etc. but they should not depend on other members for unreasonable help with using equipment and technique. Applicants without prior experience are welcome, but may need to attend one or more of the classes and courses run by WPA.

In applying for membership applicants should provide evidence of their competence with clay e.g. courses attended, exhibitions, relevant membership. The Committee will consider the application at the next committee meeting and get back to the applicant; the applicant may be required to attend courses before becoming a key-holding member should he or she wish to have a key.

As well as classes run by the club, there are short courses run regularly to enable new members to gain knowledge to enable them to be able to use the rooms usefully and safely. New members are conducted on an orientation tour of the rooms to become familiar with the facility, safety measures and administrative procedures. This tour is not intended to provide any instruction on the craft of pottery.

The work rooms, mainly the floors and benches are cleaned weekly by a paid cleaner but club members are expected to thoroughly clean any workspaces that they have used while in the rooms.

We are a volunteer organisation. The club cannot operate without the input of its members; activities that require member support on a regular basis include:

  • Day-to-day club cleanliness
  • Glazes (mixing, developing, testing)
  • Kilns (firing, fixing)
  • Rooms (overseeing)
  • Library
  • Exhibitions (planning, organising)Workshops and events (planning, organising)
  • Anagama
  • Raku firings
  • Communications (newsletter, website, Facebook)
  • Secretarial
  • Finances

Please let us know what area you would be able to help out with.

Working bees: Members (excluding Country members) are also expected to take part in at least one of the working bees held at the rooms during the year.