Anagama firing 2018

inside the kiln

One of the goals of the Anagama Team in 2018 was to increase the level of participation in the firing and this was achieved. The previous highest number of participants was 64 potters in the 12th firing.

The kiln was loaded in an eight day marathon led by Mal Sole and Peter Rumble with the assistance of a number of willing helpers.

Find out more about the firing in the December 2018 newsletter

Thank you to Chris Parkin and Sheryl Gallagher who photographed the opening:

14th Anagama Opening photos

  • The kiln was loaded over a period of 8 days.
  • 375 pots contributed by some 78 potters.
  • The kiln was fired for 100 hours.
  • 16 Firing shifts: (2 X 8-hour shifts and 14 X 6-hour shifts). Seven shift leaders and 47 shift members.