Anagama firing 2016

12th (2016) firing facts and figures:

  • The kiln was loaded over a period of 7 days.
  • 377 pots (combined weight 267 kilos) contributed by 64 potters.
  • The kiln was fired for 100 hours.
  • Quantity of firewood used: approximately 12.5 cords (or 45 cubic metres).
  • 16 Firing shifts: (2 X 8-hour shifts and 14 X 6-hour shifts).  Ten shift leaders and approximately 37 shift members.

The full glory of the successful 12th (2016) firing can be enjoyed by viewing photographs taken principally by Roger Smith and a few other enthusiastic photographers:

Twelfth Anagama Firing (1)

Twelfth Anagama Firing (2)

Prior to his return to Japan in 2016, Shige Ohashi was the principal firing master for most of the firings.  Find out about Shige Ohashi’s Firing Philosophy.