Ceramicus 2018 opening

  • crowd

  • oliver & brett with tall pot

    Oliver and Brett with Oliver's award-winning "Cordial Boy"

  • brett mason & oliver morse

    Brett Mason presents the Wellington Museum Premier Acquisition Award for Excellence in Ceramics to Oliver Morse

  • justine olsen & kiel cas

    Justine Olsen presents the Mamaku International “He Kōrero Waihanga Uku” Award to Keil Cas

  • mal sole

    Mal Sole with the Vessel Award for Excellence in Wheel-thrown Ceramics

  • nicole gaston

    Nicole Gaston with her Waikato Ceramics Award for Excellence as a First-time Exhibitor

  • dani henke

    Dani Henke

  • elaine marland & dani henke

    Elaine Marland, WPA Vice President, presents the Nelson Pottery Supplies Award for Innovation in Ceramics to Dani Henke

  • sam duckor-jones

    Sam Duckor-Jones, Guest selector and guest artist

  • crowd

  • crowd

  • crowd and big pink vases

  • tony mahoney

    Tony Mahoney, WPA President

  • anneke, gloria

  • Sam's large vases

    Sam's large vases

  • deer shadow sculpture

    Dani Henke's award winning "Deer"

  • phallic lamp sculptures

    Two of Sam Duckor-Jones's "Application lamps"

  • Jill Day

    Jill Day, Wellington Deputy Mayor, opening the exhibition.

  • teapot

    Nicole's award winning "Vagina Teapot"

  • alan looks at a "Boy"

  • mal sole with large pot

    Mal Sole's award winning "Wood-fired Vessel"

  • kiel and tiny pot

    Keil with his award winning "Hue"

  • jade with food tray

  • tall pot with big drips

    The Artzone Award for Excellence in Hand-built Ceramics was awarded to Wairarapa potter, Sophie Bidwill, for her outstanding sculpture “The Drip”

  • sculptures - men

    Sam's "Boys from paradise"