Ceramicus 2017 award winners

  • Justin Lester

    Justin Lester, Wellington Mayor opening the exhibition. Photo by Chris Parkin

  • Elaine Marland

    Elaine Marland Wellington Potters Association Vice President, welcoming us to the exhibition, Photo by Chris Parkin

  • Richard Stratton

    Richard Stratton, guest exhibitor and selector for Ceramicus, exhibiting with Watercolour New Zealand "Splash". Photo by Chris Parkin

  • Te Arikirangi Mamaku

    Te Arikirangi Mamaku, our MC from Mamaku International and sponsor of the e Kōrero Waihanga Uku Award: Māui Pōtiki. Photo by Chris Parkin

  • Grace Sharp, Richard Straton and Te Akirangi

    Grace Sharp receiving the Waikato Ceramics First Time Exhibitor Award. Photo by Chris Parkin

  • jug and two other pots

    Grace's award winning "Sea Tea Jug"

  • Elaine Marland, Richard Stratton and Lisa Henderson

    Lisa Henderson receiving the Nelson Pottery Supplies Award for Innovation in Ceramics. Photo by Chris Parkin

  • Two rough black sculptures with tunnels

    Lisa's award winning work "Mount Vic"

  • Richard Stratton and Peter Rumble

    Peter Rumble receiving the Maurice Bennett Memorial Award for Hand -Built Ceramics Photo by Chris Parkin

  • Black pot with curves

    Peter's Baby Gugg Pot Maurice Bennett Memorial Award for Hand-Built Ceramics

  • 2 agate ware bowls

    Paula Weir's neriage bowls received a merit award for hand-built ceramics sponsored by The New Zealand Artist Magazine

  • ceramic figures

    Karen Taylor's work "Maui: the day before", won the Kōrero Waihanga Uku Award: Māui Pōtiki sponsored by Te Arikirangi Mamaku of mamaku International

  • Richard Stratton and Karin Amdal

    Karin Amdal receiving the Vessel award for Excellence in Wheel-Thrown Ceramics. Photo by Chris Parkin

  • 11 cream sandy cups

    Karin Amdal's award winning entry: Sand Research Cups"

  • Richard Stratton, barin Das and Te Akirangi

    Barin Das receiving the Merit Award for Wheel-Thrown Ceramics sponsored by the New Zealand Artist Magazine. Photo by Chris Parkin

  • 2 large bowls

    Barin with his merit award winning glazed bowls

  • Richard Stratton and Paul Thompson

    Paul Thompson, deputy director of Wellington Museum, about to present the Premiere Acquisition Award for $1,000 sponsored by Wellington Museum. Photo by Chris Parkin

  • Oliver Morse, Richard Stratton, etc

    Oliver Morse receiving the Premiere Award for Excellence in Ceramics sponsored by Wellington Museum. Photo by Chris Parkin

  • figured vase

    Oliver's award winning work: Chartreuse"

  • people at opening night

    Te Arikirangi as MC introducing the exhibition. Photo by Chris Parkin

  • Japanese Ambassador Takata at opening night

    Ambassador Takata from Japan at the Ceramicus Opening Night

  • people at opening night

    Opening Night Ceramicus. Photo by Chris Parkin