Maintenance Blitz – 15th and 16th February

Come along any time between 10am and 4pm.

Jobs List: indicating expertise required and approximate duration (based on 1 person’s input)

  1. Remount exhibition and wheel throwing guides posters (ladder confident; pinning, good eye
    for style compatibility and spacing) 1.5 hours
  2. Garage: remove lectern and demolish; extract timber from racks; tidy, sweep/vacuum 1.5
  3. Build simple rack/shelving inside-right “mezzanine” of garage to house paint/painting gear
    2.5 – 3 hrs
  4. Move glaze room chemical cupboards to garage (strength) 30 mins
  5. Disassemble/cut up former glaze buckets iron shelving in glaze room (may require angle
    grinder [WPA has one] – for competent users only!) 1 hour
  6. Disassemble former damp cabinets (anyone good, but careful, at smashing stuff) 1 hour
  7. Resize and assemble glaze room cubbies (simple carpentry skills) 6 – 8 hours
  8. Rebuild shelves above wax pans (simple carpentry skills) 3 hours
  9. Replace and level hardboard cover underneath wax pans (simple carpentry skills) 1 hour
  10. Install shelves in glaze room toilet area (simple carpentry skills) 3.5 hours
  11. Tidy rear of building (stack bricks, tidy wood, repair seat) 30 mins, 30 mins, 1 hour
  12. Cut, re-bag, weigh and price NZ porcelain clay to smaller volumes (ATD) 1.5 hours
  13. Disassemble steel rack to left of main entrance; replace top board of table; re-jig layout and
    re-assemble steel racking; thorough clean of area (know which end of a spanner to hold
    (simple carpentry/ ‘engineer’ skills) 1 hr; 30 mins; 30 mins; 30 mins
  14. Design and build portable wooden ramp covered with non-slip material to offer ease of
    access to wheelchairs, etc outside side door exit to back driveway (planning and building
    skills) 3 hours
  15. Vehicle with trailer (or small truck) supplier, willing to take rubbish to dump. WPA will
    reimburse the tip fee. [required Sunday mid-afternoon]