Important Information – deadline 3rd June: Clay, pots stored at WPA

Important information regarding clay and pots stored at Wellington Potters’ Association

In response to the Health and Safety concerns raised by the sheer volume – and often indiscriminate placement – of bags of clay on the studio floor, it has become necessary for your Committee to address the situation and make you aware of the following….

  • Clay stored directly underneath the drying racks and bearing the official sticker, properly filled in, may remain in place for the next three months; i.e. the last day is Sunday 1 September
  • No more clay is to be placed in this area and any clay found stored in any other areas of the main studio (apart from in an allocated cubby) will be removed without notice.
  • Clay that was removed from the premises during the Cleaning Bee on Sunday 20 May has been re-sited to the outside south wall of the building underneath the blue tarpaulins (dried out on the right table, still useable on the left table). Please ensure you replace the tarpaulins and secure them after removing your clay.
  • You must not remove any clay that is not yours
  • Take note that any bags not removed from these tables by their owners by 5pm on Sunday 3 June will become the property of Wellington Potters’ Association and will be disposed of at the discretion of The Committee.
  • Pots: At the Cleaning Bee, pots on the drying shelves that were not named/dated or were overdue for removal have been placed on a table at the front of the main studio. Any pots not removed by 5pm on Sunday 3 June will be crushed and recycled.

Where can I store my clay if I haven’t got a cubby?

The building has a finite area and the priority is to provide sufficient working space.

Even when the new cubbies are built, there will still not be enough room for all members to store their clay on the premises. The suggestion is to bring sufficient clay for your daily needs or, perhaps, find someone with a cubby who is willing to share.