For sale: Clay and glaze materials from retired potter

25kg bags Porcelain Clay imported years ago from Stoke-on-Trent, England

1) Still in working order; *$60 per bag (limited stock)   

2) Hard (ready for grinding and making into high quality slip) $25 per bag

Now listed with all other clays available from WPA

Order by emailing your proof of payment to

*Price is about half of its real value


Just Arrived: 

Feeneys BRT (Buff Raku Trachyte) 12.5kg bag  $40

Superb clay (fires to 1300) for building large (think fountains, sculptures, monuments)

Feeneys BRS (Buff Raku Sandy) 12.5kg bag  $38  fires to 1300  Great for raku

(a few approximately half-sized bags also available of the BRS…priced about $18 each) 

Both clays have excellent thermal shock resistance.



Glaze materials and some tools will be available for sale at the rooms from 10am until the start of the SGM (at 2:30pm) on 12 December. An inventory is currently being prepared. It will be displayed here on the website as soon as it is completed. Absolutely no pre-bookings, no presales.