Firing charges

Club firings

(From Oct. 2020)

Club firings take place once a week for “non-commercial” work produced by members (see below – for explanation).

  • Bisque  $4.50/kg
  • Earthenware glost  $5/kg
  • Cone 6 (mid fire) glost  $7/kg

Minimum charge per transaction $2. Payment must be made at the time the pots are put on the appropriate shelf. The Eftpos receipt must be attached to the firing slip.

“Commercial” production

If you are producing for sale:

  • you must not use the Club glazes. You are welcome to use the facilities but you must provide your own glaze materials.
  • you must organise to fire your work in a private firing. If you do not have a Kiln Licence you must organise a member who has one to fire your work for you. Whether or not the Licensed Member charges you for this service (and how much) is a private matter.

Commercial Production is defined as any work that is offered for sale: either via the internet (e.g. yours or a group website, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), supplied to any shop or gallery, presented at markets or exhibitions (either by yourself or on your behalf) or created to fulfil a commission or contract.

Exemption 1: members who make the occasional pot for sale are excluded. “Occasional” is defined as no more than three items – and not to exceed a combined 150mm cubed – on average, per week.

Exemption 2: Any work produced specifically for entry into Ceramicus is exempted.

Private firings

Only members hold a Club Kiln Licence may hire and fire the Club’s kilns.

No booking is valid unless it has been paid for at the time of booking.

Kiln Capacity
(Cubic feet)
Bisque Cone 3-4 Cone 5-7 Cone 8-10
Woodrow 7.15 $63 $86 $104 No firings
Cobcraft 5.30 $45 $63 $69 $98
FE3 1.50 $25 $30 No firings No firings
FE4 0.80 $17 $22 $29 $35
Brick 5.47 $47 $65 $82 No firings
FE2 12.17 $85 $105 $130 $180


(New rule Jan. 2019)

If you programme your kiln to soak for longer than 30 minutes at any stage over 650 deg. C. you must pay for the next firing range. For example:

  • If you are firing to cone 6 (approx. 1220) but soak for over 30 minutes at any stage above 650 deg. C. you must pay for a stoneware firing.
  • Soaking for over 30 minutes during a stoneware firing, add 20% to the Stoneware (Cone 8 – 10) fee.

Maximum soak in any kiln is 2 hours. Drying of pots – whether at bisque or glaze stage – in any kiln is strictly prohibited.

Using club glazes in a non-commercial private firing? Add 10% to your firing fee.