Ceramicus 2020 Artists

Wellington Potters Association are proud to present the artists of Ceramicus 2020. All the artists profiled below are members of the Wellington Potters Association and entered work into this years exhibition.



Karin Amdal


email: karin@karinamdal.com

phone: 0211272917

Karin Amdal is a qualified Art Director originally from Norway. She holds a Master of Design and a Diploma of Ceramic Art. Based in Wellington since 2003, and a full time potter since 2017. “A background in visual communication and a fondness for graphic wit shapes my ceramic practice. I act on a whim and use clay to play with form and function. In continuous series of explorations I draw inspiration from everyday life and the world that surrounds me”


Hedy [Ankers]

email: heidi.ankers@gmail.com

phone: 0221923281

NZ Samoan, self-taught artist, hand-building and slip-casting ceramics while learning to throw on the wheel. Ceramic trophy creator for Arts Access Aotoearoa, Ceramics stocked by Te Papa retail, and available directly from Hedy



Jill Bagnall

email: j.m.bagnall@actrix.co.nz

phone: 022 562-7196

I have really enjoyed making wheel-thrown pottery for very many years. My work is always simple and functional.


email: amandapanda.ball@gmail.com

phone: 0273220714



Judith B.


email: contact@judith-b.com

phone: 02041660265

I first discovered ceramics through an internship while I was studying applied arts at University, and I was immediately fascinated by this medium: I loved the idea of making something almost from scratch. Ever since that first internship, I have continued learning new techniques and experimenting. Working with clay is always a humbling experience: it can’t be rushed and no matter how hard I try, I know there will always be cracked pots or unsatisfying glaze firings. But this is a good reminder that I need to be fully focused and ready to try over and over again, learning from my mistakes along the way. I enjoy both hand building and throwing and use stoneware from New Zealand. I typically focus on functional ware, hoping that it will be a part of someone’s daily rituals: a cup of tea, a dinner with friends, a bowl of leftovers in the fridge or a home for a plant to grow. But I also enjoy making less traditional objects hoping that it can be a quirky but cherished item in someone’s home.

Anneke Borren

email: annekeborren@gmail.com

phone: 0212671601

A potter for over 60 years with vast experience and a wealth of knowledge. Anneke’s work can be seen at the National Art Gallery of New Zealand (Te Papa) and in all major museums nation-wide. It is featured in New Zealand Embassy collections around the world as well as in countless private collections.

Brucelle with work


email: Donatienne@brucelle.be

phone: 02040240348

Brucelle is a Belgian designer and sculptor. Spending the year in Wellington, Brucelle is adding pottery to her toolbox, studying at the Wellington Potters Association.


arlē bell ceramics


email: info@arlebell.com

Small batch ceramics, lovingly handmade in Wellington by Anna Castelle. Inspired by the understated elegance of Scandinavian simplicity, and Japanese wabi-sabi teachings of embracing life and beauty as inherently imperfect and fleeting.

Isolation by Anne Marie Bush

Anne Marie Bush

email: annabush2003@yahoo.com

phone: 0210704242

I discovered the magic of clay quite late in life when I was out of work. If I’d had a choice, I would have stayed unemployed and kept playing with clay. Having discovered my happy place however, I now make time and space to follow this passion which brings me so much joy. I love hand building and am surprised by the magic of my hands which create (sometimes) seemingly of their own volition. My sculpture titled “In Isolation” is reflective of so many of us during Lockdown at Alert Level 4 due to Covid-19. We had to stay in our ‘bubbles’ and our phones were lifelines to staying connected.


Danielle Castle

email: Dcastle82@gmail.com

phone: 0284328431

Mudslinging is my favorite way to spend time. I prefer the woodfiring process because it is a high-risk endeavor and the community aspect is strong. Pots can emerge butt-fugly or delightfully fabulous, but somehow, that’s not the point. I keep throwing my creations into woodfire kilns wherever I can find them because the anticipation of a great firing with good company is hard to pass up.



Carol Claridge


email: carol@id.co.nz

phone: 0274900090

I am trained in sculpture and like to explore a wide range of forms in clay, I work on the wheel and with slab.

Dave Clingman


email: dave@davec.co.nz

phone: 021922012

I enjoy experimenting with glaze colours and how they mix and merge. And I like to experiment with the beauty of mixed and recycled clays.

Lucy Coote


email: hello@saladdaysceramics.com

phone: 0204630630

Salad Days Ceramics are handmade by Lucy Coote at her home studio in Berhampore, Wellington. She makes wheel thrown and hand built forms with a focus on function and tactility, creating pieces that can be used and enjoyed every day. All Salad Days pieces are made from stoneware clays and most commonly glazed in subdued white, black and clear glazes.

Shanti Costar

email: shanticostar@yahoo.com

phone: +642040574282

These pieces are a selection of my work from the past year, and represent my growth in wheel thrown and handbuilt ceramics. I continue to be fairly omnivorous in my pursuit of skills and ceramic knowledge, so these pieces, whilst all being somewhat similar, are quite various in look and feel. My main preoccupations continue to be around life, death, grief and renewal, although ‘Bubbles’ is a lockdown piece about the nervous feeling of leaving the house in the early stages of the Covid outbreak. ‘The Rivers of Hades’ is about the five rivers in Hades; Acheron (woe), Phlegethon (fire), Styx (unbreakable vows), Cocytus (lamentation), and Lethe (forgetfulness). Passing through all five will apparently lead to rebirth. The four cup forms are all from a body of work I prepared for a soda firing I attended near Paeroa, and so are kiln siblings.


Barin Das

email: barindas@xtra.co.nz

phone: 021506533

Wellington based ceramicist Hand built slab and wheel work


Daphne Dashfield


email: daphne.dashfield@gmail.com

phone: 0221912920

facebook: daphne.pottery

instagram: @daphnedashfieldceramics

I love the malleable feel of mud between my fingers – and the magical transformation by fire of earth and water into solid shapes. My fascination with crazed glass as a decoration for pottery has led me from the wheel into hand-building more of my pieces to sculpt interesting contours for the glass to settle into. My most popular pieces are very small: sculpted brooches, pendants and earrings. For these I usually arrange tiny pieces of crushed glass, or sculpt fine detail and just let glaze settle into it. My jewellery is mostly made of sterling silver and lightweight porcelain, but I also enjoy making jewellery from a bold black clay. I hand shape sterling silver hooks for many of my earrings. As a tramper, sailor and gardener I usually bring something of the natural outdoor environment into my work.

Chris Dunn

Chris Dunn

email: chrisdunn6@gmail.com

phone: 0211388472

I work in two main areas of ceramics – vessels decorated with a mosaic of glazes, underglazes and lustre fired in an electric kiln, and pit, barrel and saggar firing. I work with clay using colour and design to create images and impressions inspired by New Zealand’s natural environment and life in Wellington. From 1976 to 1996 I was a full-time craft potter living on the West Coast of the South Island. I learnt from Hardy Browning, an ex-coal miner who was taught by Yvonne Rust and helped by Barry Brickell. I exhibited and sold my work in galleries and retail outlets nationally and in Australia. From 1996 to 2014 I worked in education and returned to pottery in 2014. In the past six years I’ve had work selected for the Wellington Potters’ Exhibition, the Ceramics New Zealand regional and national exhibitions, and exhibitions held at several New Zealand galleries, and in Canberra, Australia. I am an elected artist at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts.


Jess Earnshaw

email: jess.doran@gmail.com

phone: 0272699929

I am inspired by architecture and the built environment. By creating unique hand built objects using slabs of clay, I hope to recreate textures and shadows which are often overlooked and which change with light and their surrounding environment.


Yvonne Guillot

Yvonne Guillot

email: u4bia@netvigator.com

phone: 021608485

After changing my medium from paint to clay, I have fallen in love with the practice of both throwing & handbuilding. There is nearly not a day where you won’t find me in my studio experimenting with this amazing & wonderfully pliable material! I work mainly in stoneware, but also in porcelain at times. I’m forever experimenting & love coming up with new ideas & concepts.


Julie Harrington

Julie Harrington

email: Julietharrington@gmail.com

phone: 0223517574

instagram: @julietharringtonceramics

I have been a gardener for over 20 years and have a passion for all things botanical. I fell in love with clay 3 years ago and love to bring my passion for horticulture into the process. I tend to throw my pieces on the wheel and then alter them using hand building techniques.

Lisa Henderson

email: laharceramics@gmail.com

phone: 0275472777

I am hobby ceramicist who enjoys the challenge of combining organic textures with structural or figurative shapes. I have exhibited in both Wellington and in the UK.

Martin Henty

email: hentymartin@gmail.com

phone: 0274767755

Interested in clay and development of fun ideas with it.

Marilyn Joyce Hester

Marilyn Joyce Hester

email: marilyn.hester@gmail.com

phone: +6449341404

I have been a member of Wellington Potters Association for 18 years, and recently been honoured to become a life member. My ceramic sculptures are inspired by New Zealand’s natural environment and weather.

Evelyn Hodowany


email: info@passingplace.co.nz

“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”
– Albert Szent-Gyorgyi.

My work is based on experimental techniques both in the medium of ceramics and bronze sculpture. I am currently working towards my first exhibition “Show & Tell”



Kumiko Jacolin

email: kumiko@jacolin.net

phone: 0279673877

instagram: @kumiko_jacolin

“The wounds of the spirit heal and leave no scars behind” was Catherine Malabou’s answer to the question of “recovery” posed to her by her mentor Jacques Derrida. I focus on the idea of an encounter and a fleeting contact, embodied in a sphere space, amalgamate the notion of “soul” and the proto-type of the tea-bowl (chawan), anticipating an emptiness necessary for treasuring an encounter. It all starts with sphere to diverse path, in the wind and heat shapes the form. Blue as ocean in earthy colours. A concept of displacement in the imperfect recovery process – shows encounters of diverse cultures. Originally from Tokyo, Japan, Kumiko Jacolin has been resided in Wellington since 2013 and focusing cultural diversity.

Kathy Juriss


email: kathy@kathyjuriss.com

I am an artist and potter and enjoy working in many different mediums.My inspiration comes from nature and organic objects. I aim for simplicity and originality in my work and love the crossover in disciplines as I find one practice informs the other.


Koustubh Khandekar Profile

Koustubh Khandekar

email: koustubh.khandekar@gmail.com

phone: 0221751475

An Engineer by qualification, Koustubh has had a fascination for straight lines and geometrical shapes since childhood. He found clay to be the best medium to express his fascination for geometrical shapes & abstraction. He has been learning & practicing ceramics since 2016 at Wellington’s Potter Association. Clay’s willingness to be transformed, both in form and texture, makes it a perfect medium for exploring basic and complex geometrical shapes produced by the convergence of straight lines. From the deceptively simple cube vases to elegant rectangular vases, these slab-rolled, hand-built vases capture the essence of basic geometrical shapes for depicting abstract artwork. The abstract artwork is hand-painted using under-glazes and goes through 2-3 firing stages with temperatures reaching 1200°C. As an avid reader, Koustubh draws inspiration from the books he read. The realizations that he obtains from the book, he then tries to communicate through the abstract artwork on geometrical vases.

Jen Koepele

email: Jenkoepele@gmail.com

phone: 0291285330

I started pottery about 4 years ago and fell in love. Pottery challenges my creativity and every day that I work with clay I’m learning something new.


work by Margaret MacDonald

Margaret MacDonald

email: margaretmacd@gmail.com

phone: 0272841984

instagram: @riroriro_studio

I work in ceramics, printmaking and photography. I draw inspiration from many sources – traditional Japanese aesthetics, the minimalist Scandinavian tradition, brutalist architecture and landscapes. Lately I have been exploring the use of terra sigillata and burnishing works to achieve a luminous skin- like finish and a more porous surface which allows the work to breathe, rather than encapsulating it in glaze. Terra sigillata (literally translates as ‘earth seal’) is a natural gloss coating perfected by potters across the Mediterranean region over several millennia. Made of finely ground dry clay and a small amount of deflocculant, the extremely fine particles create a surface so thin that it reveals the intimate surface texture of the clay. My hand-built works explore the tension between the organic shapes and impermanence of the natural world, and the hard-edged durability of industrially manufactured spaces and structures. My aim is to encourage people to look more closely at the world around them and discover beauty in unexpected places.

Jane Manthel


email: manthelgordon@gmail.com

phone: 0274800156

Elaine Marland holding her ceramic works

Elaine Marland

email: elainejmarland@gmail.com

phone: 0210505335

I am a Wellington ceramic artist working mainly in stoneware clay. My work is hand-built; I enjoy the feel of clay under my fingers, and the slow process of seeing my ideas become reality. The beauty of the organic forms of living things gives me inspiration, and much of my work reflects this.

Galit Maxwell


email: maxwellgalit@gmail.com

phone: 0276408614


Marie Meheust

email: marie.meheust@gmail.com

phone: +64274294314

When I don’t have my two little ones in my arms, I like to use my hands to do some pottery! That doesn’t happen so often but it’s always a great pleasure. Before being a mother, I was a Marine Geologist playing with mud on scientific cruises in Antarctica or Arctic, so ceramics came to me naturally. I might now be on dry land, but I am still having fun with mud!

Greg Melville

email: gmadlimited@outlook.com

phone: 021609432

Greg Melville was born in 1951 in Wellington. He is an Architectural Designer practicing in Wellington. A member of Wellington Potters and Ceramics NZ. His exhibitions include: Wellington Potters Ceramicus 07 ( Kirkcaldie & Stains Award), New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts Winter Exhibition 08, Wellington Potters Ceramicus 2018 and UKU Clay Hawke’s Bay 2020. Greg first began potting in the mid 70s under the guidance of Jenny Shearer, but has only recently returned to potting in his new studio. He is currently exploring the use of fonts as three dimensional decorations for his stoneware slab pots along with creating three dimensional slab pots using common two dimensional forms. The slab pots are constructed from stoneware clay and fired to 1200 degrees C in an electric kiln.

Greta Menzies


email: greta.menzies@gmail.com

phone: 0210356704

Greta is an artist based in Pōneke / Wellington. Her practice includes clay, painting, textiles and video works, and explores themes around belief and meaning-making.


Jess Nicholson

email: jessrnic@gmail.com

Ko Ngāi Tahu tōku Iwi. I whakapapa to Ngāi Tahu, and I am incredibly proud to be tangata whenua. My practice with matapaia (clay) is all about being Māori, my connection with the earth and it’s connection to me. I am self-taught, unregimented and compassionate,, still very much in the discovery stage of clay and of self. This takawai (jug) was my first ever handbuild, and I really think the jug built herself.

Lazy Dreams Ceramics by Ana N


email: ana@lazydreamsceramics.com

phone: 0211620113

A Ceramic Artist based in Wellington, New Zealand with a passion for nature and its contrasts. My designs are raw and organic. Most of the work is made from porcelain with contrasting illustrations and glazes which are used to compliment the forms.


Rosie O'Hara

Rosemary O’Hara

email: ohararosemary2@gmail.com

phone: 021 201 6764

I pot from my home in Plimmerton. I specialise in Naked Raku and Terracotta domesticware. I am inspired by natures patterns and folk art. I am a member of ‘South Coast Collective’ sustainable homewares, 93 Aro St.



Heather Payne

email: heatherpayne.nz@gmail.com

phone: 021866129

Through clay I love to explore pattern making, texture, lines and imperfections. I have found joy in hand building and decorating. Forever a maker, I can’t wait to see what wonderful things the clay decides to turn into on my desk. I also enjoy jewellery making, painting and spending time with my wonderful supportive family.


Work by Vivian Rodriguez

Vivian Rodriguez

email: vivavivianr@gmail.com

phone: 0212645414

instagram: @kiwitca

For me, ceramics is a way of finding my own voice. The process of making is not just a means to an end. I revel in each moment of creation, from the research involved in creating, mixing and colouring my own clay. As a self made ceramic artist, the search for simple beauty is what drives my creativity. For the past year, and due to a back injury, which forced me not only to stop working at the potter’s wheel but also change the direction of my work, I started working exclusively hand-building using coloured clays to create Nerikomi patterns. The process is not only slow and time consuming but also a testament to patience and hope. The pieces for this exhibition are the result of three months of work and I am happy to say I am not disappointed.

works by Sarah Rossiter

Sarah Rossiter


email: sarahlrossiter@gmail.com

phone: 02041556927

Sarah Rossiter has a background in fine arts graduating from Whitecliffe Collage in Auckland with a BFA in 2006. Sarah has been making ceramics since 2014, originally under the tutorage of ceramicist Valerie Restarick who taught her to throw at her studio in Melbourne, Australia. Over the last few years she has exhibited in both New Zealand and Australia as well as selling works now held in private collections in both countries. In 2016 she attended an artist residency in Oaxaca, Mexico where she learnt to hand build under the instruction of local artisan Rolando Regino Porras. She spent six months in 2017 making ceramics in the desert of Mparntwe (Alice Springs) in Australia and in recent years returned to Aotearoa to reside in Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington). Sarah is an interdisciplinary artist and often includes ceramics in installation works. She creates thrown and hand built pieces, functional as well as sculptural from stoneware clays.


Jenny Shearer

email: jennyma326@gmail.com

phone: 0272869912

I have worked in Porcelain for 30 years making the Urban Ritual Vessel prominent and firing it to1300 Celcius in a gas kiln. I am influenced by the Japanese aesthetic.

Katherine Short

Katherine Short

email: katherineshort@gmail.com

phone: 0221083536

Throwing on the wheel has been my salve since I was 11 years old. It is a peaceful place. Getting a hobby to the point where I can at least enter Ceramicus means the world to me. I have recently negotiated my working life to give me a 9 day fortnight so the 10th day can be for my ceramics. I intend this to open a whole new outlet for creating the pieces I’ve been dreaming about and preparing for for years. I am excited to be entering.

Mal and pots

Mal Sole

email: Jan.mal@xtra.co.nz

phone: 0212685129

My first experience of making pots was as a result of my interest in growing and training bonsai.  I decided that purchasing bonsai containers was far too expensive, and so the idea of making my own containers led me to what is now my love of clay.

In 1994 I began taking classes, first at Wellington High School, and then many courses over the years at the Wellington Potters Rooms in Grant Rd, Thorndon.  I learned to throw, coil, slab build, sculpt, and glaze my work.  I have fired my pots in various kilns, including gas, electric, wood fired, salt glazed, raku and pit fired.

My involvement with clay is a bit like a journey, I have no idea where it is taking me but I am enjoying the trip.  I feel my pieces are unique, in that they reflect the multiple techniques I use.  I am lucky to be able to enjoy exploring what interests me at the time, and I often find an oriental influence comes through in my pieces.

My work has been selected for many Regional and Wellington Exhibitions over the years, and twice in Sakai, Japan in 2001and 2009.

I enjoy the challenge of taking a ball of clay through the many stages of making, throwing, modifying, stretching, texturing, decorating, drying, bisque firing, glazing and the final firing.  95% of my work is fired to Cone 10 or 1284 Degrees C in a Gas fired updraft reducing kiln, the rest is experimental in all the other types of firings.

I have recently retired and started teaching at the Wellington Potters Association rooms in Grant road on a Tuesday morning and have found I have enjoyed it and people seem to enjoy my relaxed style of potting, hence I am taking the next step and formalizing the teaching.

I have my own studio and 2 kilns one Gas the other electric.


David Tralli

David Tralli

email: dvd.tralli@gmail.com

instagram: @david_trl.art

I am a ceramic artist, sculptor and painter based in Wellington. My works talk about emotions, beauty, passion, love, but also melancholy and fragility. The woman (often as a mother) is my favourite subject. It is something I observe with little understanding, but I am completely mesmerised.


image by Jade Valour

Jade Valour

email: jade.ov.arcc@gmail.com

phone: 021 293 2117

facebook: Jades.Pottery

From singing to silk painting, from acting to writing, my creative journey has always been an eclectic one. My passion for the potters wheel began in my early 60s, and at 70 I’m still at it. Myth and nature are my inspirations: the colours of the sea, the creatures of fantasy and legend, the countenance of a Goddess – I love integrating these things into my pottery and I love the alchemy of it all.


Hannah Wolter

email: wolter.hannah@gmail.com

phone: 0273008880

Pip Woods


email: woodsp766@gmail.com

phone: 0211716427