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Upcoming workshops for members

Sculpture workshop series with Dona

We are very excited to bring our members a 2-part series of sculpture workshops with WPA member and sculptor extraordinaire Donatienne Brasseur!

Part 1:  Sculptors’ clay techniques, workshop with Dona — Fridays 5:30pm — 8:30pm, 20 & 27 November — $50

Part 2: Sculptor’s coaching, workshop with Dona —  Sundays 10am to 4pm, 6 & 13 December — $140

More details below.

Part 1 is limited to 15 participants
Part 2 is limited to 8 participants
We suggest you have completed part 1 of the series before enrolling in part 2, unless you have some experience in sculpture.

Part 1:  Sculptors’ clay techniques, workshop with Dona

Learn about building a kiln-ready large piece using sculpting techniques. To learn how to build a large object safely and working with different stages of clay, we will make a large shape, e.g. egg or ball (15-20cm high) of clay like an egg or a ball, decorate it using different sculpting and carving techniques and then hollow it out for proper drying.
You will learn about 
  • construction and stability of a large piece
  • why and how to hollow out a piece
  • how sculptors use different stages of clay
  • managing the humidity levels of your clay
  • sculpting and carving with sculpting tools and your hands
  • firing a piece
Day 1: Shaping one or more large pieces and do the decorations you want or altering them otherwise.
Day 2:  Opening and hollowing out the slightly hardened pieces, putting them back together and making final touches to the decoration including eventual application of underglazes or coloured slip.
After 3-4 weeks of drying your pieces, you will be able to bisque fire and eventually glaze them. This is not included in the workshop but will be explained.
You will need: 
  • at least 5kg kg of grogged clay 
  • 1 plastic bag per piece you want to make.
  •  modelling tools, at least one that you like working with
  • Cutting wire
  • Loop tools, larger and smaller, and needle tool for hollowing out
  • Clay knife or scalpel
  • What CCG calls a cleanup double end tool
  • any decorating or surfacing equipment you may want to use

Book your spot now.

Examples of the pieces to be made:

Sculptor’s coaching, workshop with Dona

Do you have a sculpting project you want to start or need help with? 
For 2 Sundays you will work on a sculpting project of your own choice with the support and guidance of Dona. Her 2 statues of suffragists are presently looking out at potters in the club’s main room.
The group is limited to 8 participants to allow proper guidance for all.
During these 2 days, you will each work on your piece and learn about 
  • Setting up different types of pieces, with or without support
  • The stages of clay for sculptors and how to use them
  • What and how to hollow out
  • Managing the humidity levels of your clay
  • Finishing options
After subscription you can ask Dona about preparing your project for the workshop. Do you need a support? If so, what kind of support and how to make it?
For the workshop, you will need:
  • A bag of clay, preferably grogged
  • Your idea or started piece
  • Eventual support for your piece (check with Dona beforehand)
  • Wooden modelling tools, at least one you like working with
  • Loop tools, larger and smaller, and needle tool for hollowing out
  • What CCG call a ‘cleanup double end tool’ is quite useful
  • A cutting wire
  • A plastic bag that could comfortably cover your project completely 
  • A spray bottle for water 

Book your spot now.

Example of the type of work Dona does and can give you guidance on:



Hand-made plaster mould making & slip-casting workshop with Hedy

Sunday 1st Nov & Sunday 29th Nov

10 am to 4 pm


Learn everything you need to know in order to make: a hand-made, single-pour plaster-mould [tumbler-size]; your own casting slip; and, casting piece [pouring]; trimming; plaster care; slip-tips.

1st November First Day make a mould [& sprigs/stamps with spare plaster] / making slip/ Dry mould for a month.

29th November Second Day, pour slip and cast object. Remove object, trim.

Full prep-instructions and tools you will need to bring will be given on registering. [N.b. Not for two-or-more part moulds].

This workshop is fully booked. 

POSTPONED – Carved vessels & sculpted vases workshop – 26 & 27 September

Poster for workshop - 26 & 27 Sept

Join us for this workshop with tutor Irena Kennedy (BFA, MFA) on 26 & 27 September from 10 am to 4 pm.

WPA members only – $150

Limited to 10 students.  Book your spot now!

Register here: http://wellingtonpotters.org.nz/current-members/register-for-a-workshop/

Workshop topics include:

  • a demonstration and discussion about creating three-dimension on
  • how to use tools, and good sculptural practice.
  • an introduction to sgraffito and paint application.

Registration includes 2 pre-made slip-cast porcelain vessels to work with.  Students will need to have images of what they are wishing to put on their porcelain vessels. They
will also need to bring a fine paintbrush and a medium brush, apron and old clothes.

Day one starts with 1-hour drawing and refining images to work with (at the Botanic Gardens if fine!).

Examples of the types of work you will be creating:


carved porcelain vase with botanic image carved porcelain vase with botanic image

To see more examples visit Irena’s website or her Instagram.


All WPA workshops are for members and associate members only.

If you are not a member,  find out how to become a member here.

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We will do our best to address all expressions of interest and requests!  If you have any questions or comments on the workshop programme, just email workshops@wellingtonpotters.org.nz.

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