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Anagama firing 2020

Submitting pots to the 16th annual WPA Anagam

Receiving day: Sunday 23 August 10am to 3pm

Cost: $15 per kilo

COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS: Physical Distancing will be enforced. Please allow extra time for processing. Entry via the Main Studio door. Exit via the side door out onto the alleyway.

Before receiving day

Steps to be completed before bringing your pots to the rooms:

  1. Check that you have used clays capable of firing to a minimum of 1280 deg (Cone 10). If in doubt, leave them out. You will be required to state on the submission form which clay you’ve used.
  2. Do not wax the bottoms of your pots. Waxed pots will be rejected. (Wadding won’t stick to wax)
  3. Only use anagama glazes. Don’t overglaze. Leave clear space at the bottom and wipe the bases clean.  Glazes will be withdrawn at 6pm Saturday 22 August to avoid volunteers handling wet pots.
  4. Check you have your potter’s mark on the base of each pot; if not, use a ceramic pencil to make one. HINT: eyeliner pencil (often available at “$2” type shops) can be substituted for ceramic pencil.
  5. Pencil your name on each pot to aid identification and to establish your priority preference use normal lead pencil that will burn off during firing [1].
  6. Anagama Firing Slips and Payment Slips are available at the rooms from Monday 17 August and up to and including Receiving Day.

Receiving day

  1. Go to the Form Filling table (If you’ve already completed one, go straight to the Weight & Pay table). You should already have decided your “loading preferences” and marked your pots accordingly. If you are submitting more 6 pots use Anagama Firing Slip (B) which allows up to 22 entries.
  2. Bring your pots to the Weight & Pay table. Weights will be noted, filled in on your Anagama Firing Slip and payment taken (eftpos payments only).
  3. Re-wrap and carton your pots. Identify your cartons clearly (marker pens will be provided). Leave on or under the Done & Dusted table.
  4. Take your “payment verified” Anagama Firing Slip(s) and Anagama Payment Slip to the Master Copy table. Your slips will then be scrutinised and recorded.


If you are unable to deliver your pots on the receiving day, you must arrange for someone to deliver them on the day, preferably with your having marked, weighed and paid for them in advance. Please provide proof of payment (eftpos receipt/online payment screenshot) attached to your anagama payment slip.   Cost this year is $15 per kilo. Pots found to have been understated in weight will not be fired and firing fees forfeited.

[1] The pieces you submit and the firing slip must include your potter’s mark and the number of the piece, for example: 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5 etc.  The first number indicates the priority. The second indicates the total number of pieces you have submitted.  This information can be written in pencil (which burns off when fired) on the body of your work. Having this information easily visible eliminates excessive handling by the loaders and ensures that, if we receive more pots than can fit the kiln, you get at least one favourite pot into the firing.  You may put this information on the base if the piece is fully glazed.



Anagama 2020 Receiving Day Info

Anagama firing and payment slip (A) – 6 item

Anagama firing and payment slip (B) – 22 item