COVID19 – WPA’S response and directives to members

There will be official emailed bulletins from WPA as matters progress. These are issued on behalf of the Committee from the email address  

Please make a point of reading them. Neither party wants the embarrassment of being turned away from the rooms but you WILL be told to leave immediately if you arrive sick. Please, stay home if you have a cold or flu-like symptoms. Seek professional advice.

Even if you don’t show any of these symptoms but have recently returned from abroad absolutely keep away from the rooms if you have not yet completed the recommended full period of self isolation. Now that a LEVEL 2 has been declared it is important that those with compromised immune systems, who have had recent hospital treatment/operations and who are aged or frail to seriously consider not visiting the rooms at least until the alert level reverts to a LEVEL 1…or hopefully to an “all clear”. 

For now, CEC classes, the Tuesday Club, Kiln Loading Classes and Friday Family Night will continue (with appropriate physical distancing and/or masks and gloves) BUT be prepared for these to be cancelled at a moment’s notice.

If a LEVEL 3 Alert is broadcast, the rooms will be closed. An email notice will advise this.

If children are too sick to go to school they are too sick to come to the studio. 

Visitors: We ask that you refrain from bringing visitors to the rooms for the time being. If unaccompanied visitors arrive when you are at the rooms politely request them to leave and encourage them to make contact with the Secretary by ‘phone or email. (Hand them a newsletter which contains the relevant contacts).

There is a large poster displayed at the front door of the main studio (and smaller ones regarding entry requirements – prevention techniques and signing in) inside the main studio and in the kiln and glaze room entrances). Read, heed and encourage others to follow the simple rules. Literally, your life may depend on it!

As a precautionary measure the main studio layout has been adjusted so that there is an increased distance between wheels and at the social tables. Please don’t shuffle them back together! There is plenty of liquid soap in the dispensers and we have doubled our supply of paper towels to enable the proper drying of hands. (BTW, your hands extend right up to your wrists!) Make good use of the towels but don’t use them for other purposes!!! 

Tissue stations, with rubbish bags for used tissues, have been placed about the building. Make full use of them but DON’T move them from their positions.