Covid-19 Level 2 update 12 August 2020

Kia ora members,

You will know that we have moved to COVID-19 Level 2 alert as of midday today.

What does this mean for those wanting to use the rooms?


  • Please use physical distancing (1 metre) at the rooms.
  • Be sure to sign in and out of the diary, use good handwashing and shared tool hygiene.
  • People who are at risk should not use the rooms.
  • Anyone going to the rooms and finding it busy is encouraged to leave – you can ring the rooms at  04 473 3680 to check how busy it is before coming.

We are operating on this basis until Friday when things are clarified. We will look at reinstating the booking system if Level 2 is ongoing.

For now, CEC courses are still going ahead as usual.

We presume that if we are still at level 2 for the weekend the cleaning bee will be cancelled, however please keep an eye out for further updates.



WPA Committee