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Regular workshop – Free Tuesday morning sessions 10-12 for members with Mal Sole and Vera Burton through December 13th 2018


25 January 2019 — The business of craft with Rhonda Tracey – 6 to 8pm

Hear from The Craft Kit‘s Rhonda Tracey about “Strategies for turning a passion for pottery into a successful business”.

This talk will cover all aspects of the business side of ceramics.  No registrations required, come along to learn from Rhonda and enjoy some drinks & nibbles.  Suggested koha $5.  Please RSVP by filling in this form.


 13th,  26 & 27 January — Mould making with Richard Stratton –

Mould making workshop flyer

Learn all about plaster moulds and how to make moulds for press moulding, slip casting and hump moulds.

  • Session I – 13 January 6-8 pm – overview of mould making, concepts and selecting object to cast moulds from (talk)
  • Session II – 26 January 10 am to 4 pm – making cottle boards, modelling your objects for casting, and preparing for casting
  • Session III – 27 January 10 am to 4 pm – casting your object in plaster in your cottle boards, and finishing moulds
Strictly limited to 12 participants.  Registrations required.
$150 WPA members, $200 non-members.
  • Fee includes plaster for creating mould of average size.  If you want to cast a particularly large object, you may need additional plaster.
  • Participants will be required to provide their own wood for cottle boards depending on the size of the object they wish to cast.  The tutor will give instructions at the first session on size, quantity & type of wood needed for cottle boards for various shapes & sizes of objects, and participants will be asked to bring their wood for cottle boards to the 2nd session (assembly guidance will be provided, and a saw will be available to cut large pieces of wood).   Clamps & hardware will be provided.  Any questions just ask workshops@wellingtonpotters.org.nz


February 2019 – Pit firing with Chris Dunn

Pit firing workshop flyer

This 3 part workshop will cover all aspects of pit firing including:

  • clay preparation, creating a vessel suitable for pit firing (Session I — 3 Feb 6 to 9 pm)
  • preparing pots and kiln for firing, making brick pit, cutting wood, stacking and firing kiln (Session II — 23 Feb 10 am to 8 pm)
  • and unstacking kiln, finishing pots, tidying up (Session III — 24 February 1 pm to 4 pm).
Strictly limited to 12 participants.  Registrations required.   Rain dates for pit firing Sessions II & III 2 & 3 March.
$150 WPA members, $200 non-members, including firing costs but not clay.