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The Anagama Sermon

A sermon from the firing pit, delivered by the irrepressible Mal Sole, marked the opening of the Te Haunui anagama kiln on Sunday 25 September, 2016.  It recognised the collective efforts of those who contributed to the very successful 12th firing and captures the essence of what is involved.

The “Anagama Sermon”:

“Blessed are the tree deliverers for they shall be given forests in heaven plus one or two quarries.

Blessed are the chainsawers who reduce the trees to manageable lengths for they shall be given peace and quiet and a back that does not ache.

Blessed are the wood splitters for they shall form a splinter group on entering heaven.

Blessed are the wood stackers for they shall be entertained and never allowed to be bored to death again.

Blessed are the prop and shelf cleaners for they shall forever more breathe air that does not smell of China Clay, Alumina Hydrate and Carborundum, and have hair that is un-matted and non-gritty.

Blessed are the loaders for they shall receive approbation and brickbats and inherit the wadding.

Blessed are the pyromaniacs who transform the bland into the grand for they shall witness the collapse of the cones and be glazed for eternity.

Blessed are the unloaders for they shall form links in an eternal chain.

Blessed is the scone and soup maker that unfreezes and nourishes the great unwashed.

Here endeth the lesson.”

Footnote: For the uninitiated, the references to “quarries” and “the scone and soup maker” are allusions to the activities of Graeme and June Houston, respectively, on whose property the kiln is located.