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Peter inside brick kiln with shelves of pottery
Peter Rumble admires the loaded kiln

“The great appeal of anagama firing is its total unpredictability so that each piece is unique in its character and can never be repeated.  Deliberately inefficient and taking considerable amounts of wood, an anagama kiln will reveal the effects of flame, ash and vitrification that make the wares unique.”  (Chester Nealie, one of Australasia’s greatest exponents of wood firing.)

Te Haunui Anagama

One of the club’s hidden gems is a Japanese styled anagama wood fired kiln nestled in Horokiwi.  One of very few in New Zealand, it is fired annually. Find out more about our Anagama kiln.

Our most recent (14th) Anagama firing was from 17-21 October 2018.

Shige Ohashi’s Firing Philosophy

The Anagama Sermon

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Previous Anagama firings